Ghost Box II


“My top recommendation for Hallowe’en book-giving. Once again, comedian Patton Oswalt has selected a fantastic group of short stories.”
—Washington Post

Less apple, more razor blade.

The Ghost Box returned, like a mummy or a batman, to once again make your pupils dilate and the hair on your arms stand straight up—another collection of individually bound scary stories, edited and introduced by comedian and spooky specialist Patton Oswalt.

Ghost Box II included:

  • Gertrude Atherton, “The Striding Place”

  • Louisa Baldwin, “How He Left the Hotel”

  • Robert Hugh Benson, “The Watcher”

  • Tananarive Due, “The Lake”

  • Harlan Ellison, “From A to Z, in the Chocolate Alphabet”

  • Janet Fox, “Witches”

  • Patricia Highsmith, “The Quest for Blank Claveringi

  • Joe Hill, “Abraham’s Boys”

  • Stephen King, “Gray Matter”

  • Julius Long, “The Pale Man”

  • Michael Shea, “Uncle Tuggs”

Like last year, each handmade box featured a matte-black finish, an iridescent colour-shifting foil stamp on top, and a magnetized lid. The booklets once again had debossed design details and were bound with brass staples. The 2018 edition also included a ribbon bookmark, of which we’re pretty fond.

Because when we’re terrified about the enormity of the universe’s indifference, and our smallness in the face of it, we tell stories. When we’re powerless to shape and control our fear, we tell stories. When we feel alone, we tell stories.
— from Patton Oswalt's introduction

H&O 005 / ISBN: 9780995298842 / September 2018