2018 Short Story Advent Calendar

So how does this whole thing work?

Great question! Every morning, starting December 1, look inside your Short Story Advent Calendar for the booklet with that date marked on the front. Use your finger to crack the seal (it’s pre-perforated). Then open it up and discover an exciting new story contained within. Visit to read an exclusive interview with the author of that day’s story. Once you’re done reading, check in with H&O on social media and use the hashtag #ssac2018 to share your thoughts with your fellow advent calendarians.

What should I expect to find inside?

As always, the stories include a range of styles, tones, structures, and eras—all broadly fitting within the umbrella of “literary fiction.” This year’s contributors come from eight different countries, writing in three different originating languages (don’t worry, we got the English versions).

Who are the contributors?

This year’s calendar features stories from Kevin Barry, Ben Greenman, Etgar Keret, R. O. Kwon, Sara Levine, and [REDACTED x 19].

Are the stories religious?


Are they Christmas-y?

Not as a rule, no. But you never know what snuck in the back.

Are they appropriate for children?

Also no. There is definitely some adult content in here. Your adventurous teen could probably handle it, but we wouldn’t recommend handing it to anyone younger than that.

Will you ship to [country X]?

Maybe! We add to our list of available countries upon customer request. So if you don’t see your nation of choice listed at checkout, send us an email and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Does Hingston & Olsen accept unsolicited submissions?

Unfortunately, no.