The Ghost Box

The Ghost Box


A collection of chilly, spooky, hair-raising-y stories to get you in that Hallowe'en spirit, edited and introduced by comedian and horror aficionado Patton Oswalt.

Includes stories by:

  • H. F. Arnold
  • Dennis Etchison
  • Adam Corbin Fusco
  • W. F. Harvey
  • Arthur Machen
  • George R. R. Martin
  • Richard Matheson
  • Michael Reaves
  • Al Sarrantonio
  • Clark Ashton Smith
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Each handmade box features a matte-black finish, an iridescent colour-shifting foil stamp on top, and a magnetized lid. The booklets have debossed design details and are bound with brass staples. There might be another surprise or two in there, too.

Shipping and handling rates:

Within Canada and the U.S.: $12 for one box, $20 for two, $25 for three, $30 for four, and $35 for five.

Shipping is also available to Mexico, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, and the United Kingdom. (Please note that we are not responsible for any duties or taxes for international orders.)

Orders will ship in early October. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

ISBN: 978-0-9952988-2-8 / H&O 003

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